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Friday, January 25, 2008

Carburetors: Water injection

Water injection in cars has been done before but was not promoted. In early 1980 order catalogs, I have been reading about different water injection systems on sale. The systems ranged from simple systems to complicated electronically controlled ones. The benefits printed on their promotions states the following:

1. Water injection helps to cool the mixture of gas and air.
2. The gas-air mixture with water mist expands more during combustion.
3. There is more complete combustion that makes for cleaner combustion chamber and parts.
4. The water ratio used is 1 Gallon for every 100 miles.
5. A more complete combustion gives cleaner exhaust emissions.
6. Increases power with greater expansion during combustion.
7. There is economy with more complete combustion.

After reading all those benefits, I went to work making a contraption as shown and illustrated on the simplest water injection system. I did not have to buy any material that I used. For the container, I used a sturdy plastic 1 gallon container with a screw-on, 1-1/2 inch diameter, plastic cap. I had sufficient spare of aquarium plastic tubes about 3 meters long. A "T" coupling was needed to draw both air and water, so I used a spare from the windshield water tubes. To control air and water flow, I used the control screws of an empty disposable butane lighter. This was attached to the other end of the "T". At the bottom of the "T", I attached a length of plastic tube with an air-stone, to filter water impurities, almost equal to the length of the Plastic Container. The other end of the "T" is the plastic tube connected to a vacuum port at the base of the carburettor. It took only a little while to get the correct mix of air and water drawn. The engine idling smooths out with the right proportion.

By the way, I installed the system on my 1980 Ford Escort 1600. It did not have any emission control systems in it. All the benefits of the system came true. My gasoline consumption went 2 more kilometers per liter. In the four consecutive years undergoing emission tests prior to each registration, the CO and HCL emissions of my car outdid the emissions of brand new cars. Sadly, I had to sell the car a few months back.

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