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Friday, January 25, 2008

Creation Beginnings

This is a start-up post right after having created my account here. It has nothing to do with the creation and beginnings of the world. Titles of blogs should have a come-on to arouse some curiosity from prospective readers. I have decided to set up an blog site here because the other site where I make posts regularly, has had some uptime problems. Scouting for prospective blog sites, I came across Having reviewed a large number of sites, I have noticed that blog sites by comes up quickly.
Actually, I was considering to subscribe to a paid web hosting for a blog site. My immediate concerns though, were the costs of setting up one. I know that my youngest son or brother-in-law could help very well because they are very good at website design and setting up. That definitely would save me a huge sum from hiring a webmaster to do those for me. I am aware that the costs of maintaining web sites could be offset by sponsors or advertisers. I might even make some gains out of it! Maybe I will have to take it up again a few months from now so I can prepare a for a small budget to start with it.
Well, I am here, so the best is try to make the most of it.

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