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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Biorhythm measures your Condition

Biorhythm is some sort of a measure of a person’s intellectual, emotional, physical, intuitions, aesthetics and other moods at a given date. This is determined by just giving the data of a person’s birth date. It is displayed best in curve graph showing the peaks and lows of those conditions and moods.

Recently, I was trying to make a search of biorhythm online but all I could find were sites that required subscription to provide you a complete graph that you request. Fortunately, I am a member of a social site, Facebook. This social site has so many applications that come along. Sometimes you feel like tiring out of using them because many do not have real good use. Most are just for entertainment online. 

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent an invitation for the Biotrend application. To my surprise and elation, it was exactly what I was looking for. A free source for biorhythm! What’s more nice with it is, you are provided with both your Western and Chinese zodiac signs, which I think, are the basis for the biorhythm graph projections. After typing in my birth date, the application quickly showed a graph of my biorhythm for the past two weeks and the next two weeks. The date I did the biorhythm is included in the projection. Two types of graphs will actually show, one bar graph and the other is the curve. My biorhythm for those days was very accurate. My emotions and physical conditions were really down and low. In relation to the past week’s events, there were really factors that affected my emotions and physical condition. We encountered a serious family problem. From that time on, I had frequented almost daily my Facebook biorhythm page to check on my overall condition and mood. In that way, I was able to adjust to them properly, knowing in what state I am in.


  1. Glad that you enjoyed this.

    Just in case somebody needs the link to this app:


  2. I know another apps that makes much informative graphs and explanations fm biorhythms' point of view :-)