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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Can diet change cause some sickness?

Having read several articles and watched several documentaries on TV about human ailments not caused by virus or bacteria, a question came to mind. Why is it that animals, especially those in the wild, do not suffer from these kinds of ailments? Being an avid watcher of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, it simply amazes me to watch animal living in the wilderness. They do not have artificial protection to rely on, on which many humans depend upon. They eat raw food drink water from streams, rivers, ponds and murky pools. They have such a strong immune system, that if were not for technology, far more advanced than ours. Their food and water sources have, in one way or another, been affected by pollution. Acid rain would have dropped on them!

Also, recently discovered aboriginal people are not susceptible to modern mans' diseases or ailments. I have not read or watched a documentary about extensive results on physical examination and medical studies of aboriginal people. Would the results be exclusive to scientists and medical practitioners only? Maybe science has made man live longer, but, more susceptible to ailments and diseases. I also have not read any article about the life span or real age of aboriginal people compared to modern man. Life expectancy has become longer but this is largely dependent on medicine. It is doubtful if the aboriginal people would have medicines that come close to that of modern man.

The ailments and diseases of modern man seem to be pointing to progress and change of lifestyle. Even those who migrate to other countries are affected in one way or another. They may look healthy on some aspects but they never know what is happening exactly in their cells. There are cells called anti-nuclear cells, that, as I was made to understand, they oppose or attack normal cells. This was as explained to me in layman's terms by a physician. I tried to research on it and asked the physician about this, because these anti-nuclear cells causes the disease called lupus. I tried to research on it and asked the physician about this, because this causes the disease called lupus. For one thing, immigrants have a change of diet and lifestyle. I made mention of this because I have a sister who immigrated and was afflicted or contracted, whichever applies, with lupus. After several consultations, the last one made her well without complicated treatments. I believe, it was just a change of diet and lifestyle that helped a lot. For one thing, immigrants have a change of diet and lifestyle. One might say, there are migratory birds! Yes, that's true, but they have been used to that and it has been their life ever since. They did not change to that. That is also the reason why it is difficult for wild animals to survive in captivity. For them to survive, they will need medical attention and care, even more than what human beings need.


  1. I think changing your diet will definetly cause your body to take notice. If you do it gradually, you should not get sick, though.

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  2. I appreciate your views on wild animals. It is when you keep them away from their natural environment that they become more prone to illness.

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