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Friday, February 1, 2008

Social Sites

Paying Social Networking Sites have mushroomed lately on the Internet. These are Yuwie, Rotatrix, NaRple, Zubby and Lazzeo. I have joined all of these social sites believing that I will be doing there what I mostly do online, and get PAID for it. On the first two sites, Yuwie and Rotatrix, I have worked on both eagerly for 3 and 2 months, respectively. The opportunity really looked good then. Months after that, members of yuwie found an easy and faster way to earn through yuwie, and that was the Voxant News Room. Many members were experiencing very poor earnings and resorted to posting the news feed on their profiles. Yuwie found it too and also became a news feed member. Administration found out that members were "clicking" more on the news feeds, as friends were helping each other earn better. Many members, like myself, lost interest in doing the usual activity at Yuwie.

As for the copy cats, they made a good initial salvo, but suffered several down times and web site or server glitches. Many have resorted to pop-up ads for income generation. Some even actually allow members to post ads and solicit referrals. Presently, I doubt if any of them as reached 10,000 members as of this writing. 

So, in comparison to Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace and others that have millions of members, true they are not paid but they are not fooled into wasting their time there for a few cents each month. They log in and out of their accounts as they wish. With the paying social sites, you are forced to log in and visit to make a mark on profiles to get earnings through points or credits.
There is also no truth to the claim that you can do at the paying social sites what you normally do online or in social sites. At present, I have 170 plus on my down line but my network hardly earns a dollar a month on regular activity like I do at non-paying social sites.

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