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Friday, February 15, 2008

Why should Fear not be Conquered?

It's been told that we must need to conquer our fears. Maybe some fears, yes. But there are a lot fears we must not conquer. The fear of losing a loved ones, losing our job, losing money, losing things, our possessions, our life and many more! Why has this come to my mind?

About four years ago, I thought of conquering fear. I believed in the idea that fear made me not want to face realities in life! So, I just shunned fear! What happened was I did not fear anymore losing a job, a project, not making money and many dangers! In short, I did not even fear not doing anything to improve our life! It almost came to a point that I did not even fear losing the respect, trust and confidence of my wife and children. Thinking it over, life became boring and I practically became useless because I had no fear. I had to rekindle again some fear in me. I had to realize that, more will not be accomplished because I had no fear of it.

When I started to have some fears again, life became normal. I had to do something to improve our life because I feared to lose the respect of my family. I feared again that if any of us fell sick. It is the fear of losing loved ones, I believe, that stayed on me. Why is Fear in God not conquered?  Advocates of conquer your fears never mention anything about it!

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