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Monday, March 31, 2008


Last March 30, 2008 was my only daughter's college graduation from Nursing. Watching the commencement rites, my mind worked back 33 years ago when I too graduated with a Bachelors Science in Commerce. Then, it was said it was difficult to find a good paying job if one did have a course in Engineering, Architecture, Medicine or Accountancy. My major was in college was Management with Marketing as minor. I was either lucky or it was a blessing in disguise because no one ever imagined that the dawn of sales and marketing was coming. We did not even have calculators then in 1975 to help us out in school math subjects. Computer was still very crude when we took a subject in college. They were just computers that punch out holes on cards!
After graduation in October of 1975, I was fortunate to have been absorbed as a regular employee in the bank I was working with, as a part-timer since I was on my fourth year in college. Our instructors never gave us any idea on what they knew about the future of the course we were taking. I believe, this is what instructors should know, to foster more interest from their students.

My daughter took up Nursing because, at the moment, there is a trend for a demand of it abroad and the pay is good, if not better, than taking other courses. In our third world country, there were quite a good number of physicians or doctors who took up nursing because of the promise of excellent pay abroad! In the 1980s, the trend of students in college was to take up Electronics Engineering or Information Technology (IT) because computers and other devices were getting to be high-tech. In the 1990s, trend was more on taking a course on Physical Therapy (PT), as the demand was there. In the late 1990s and early 2000, the trend was taking up a course in care-giving.

Going back to the present time, my mind toyed about the trend for demand on Nurses. It comforted me somehow that health is an ongoing concern throughout the globe. The population is almost growing exponentially and new diseases are coming up just about anywhere. The question in my mind after all that, is, when will the world have a surplus of nurses that demand will start to slow down? For computer technology, there are many undergraduates who have self-learned the trade. What specialty would be next to have a good demand for those will be getting into college in the future?

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