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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hub Pages Posting

Writing is one of my main interests and I do several like this. There is a new one I got into and it is Hub Pages. It is like blogging but the difference is, it is not posted on a blog page or site. Your post has it's own URL with HubPages. With keywords , that is how readership is generated. There is also income from your work through Google Adsense. It is similar to one I was with a couple of years ago,, but I believe it is no longer non-existent.
What is important in posting at HubPages will be the content. The content must be interesting with the proper keywords to generate readership from them. Of course there are the conventional ways of promoting your hub like posting the hub URL in social sites or other web sites that you have access to. I have started just a day ago and it seems to be good. If you're curious to find out about it please check it out here.
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