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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Intel Dual Core & Windows XP Problems

After the first 4 months, our brand new PC started to have problems. It started showing black screens then blue screens. It was dying in such a short time! Being under warranty, we brought it back to the shop where we purchased it. We and the technicians thought it needed reformatting and re-installation of the Windows XP and other software. The technician said it would take at least four hours to do that. Before leaving, the case of the CPU was opened for cleaning. To our and the technician's surprise, the fan and heat sink of the Pentium accumulated very thick dust compressed on the heat sink fins! In short, it did not have enough cooling causing the computer to go bonkers!

Then again, some time in December of 2007, the computer started to hang or just freeze in the middle of surfing or viewing on the internet. I needed to re-start whenever it happens. With the proliferation of viruses, malware, spyware and adware, I always scanned the PC three or more times a week with antivirus, anti-spyware and registry mechanic. Seeing a good number of viruses detected by the anti-virus, it may be the cause of those 'hanging' problems. The problems persisted though even after scanning and defragmenting. All of us in the family using the computer are experiencing the same thing until it became unbearable a couple of weeks ago. I even suspected that it was the downloaded online games by my son which had frequent trojans. The PC started to show black screens again and warning of possible issues. The NVIDIA graphics and video card started also to have problems. It was not able to balance display colors, 3D and video settings any more! Re-starting the computer almost every 30 minutes became a pain in the neck. I even complained to some web sites that my PC hangs whenever I get to their sites. I never realized that it was my faltering graphics and video card that was causing it! Who would have thought that, anyway?

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  1. That PC tech should look for another line of work. Everything you described pointed to a faulty graphics card. That's something a tech should have learned in the first six months of his training. Glad you got it cleared up.