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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Cashew Nut

The cashew nut is one of my favorite nuts because it tastes so delicious for me. It was not until I saw the actual plant with its fruit in my early teens that I realized so much about the cashew. 

First, it is not a nut but a seed. Second, the seed is not inside the fruit! The seed is outside the fruit clinging to the larger end. Third, the fruit also really tastes good but beware. It is so acidic that it would give a good burn around your lips once you bite into it. It happened to me because I was told first that the fruit tasted good but the warning came in too late after I had sank my teeth into the cashew fruit. Maybe the guys around me wanted me to experience it. The burning sensation around my lips was tolerable probably because of my high level of tolerance.

If I remember right, the cashew tree does not grow very tall or large. Those that I saw were just growing along road sides. Maybe, the height is around 8 feet and the trunk would be the size of an average human thigh. I am not sure though if those trees were still young.
Credits to wikipedia for the photo.


  1. Hi..Hopping around here...I love cashew nuts too and actually almost all kinds of nuts.

    Hope you are doing well here and have a great time blogging..

  2. he he.. We have many cashew plants of our own. You shouldn't eat the fruit in afternoon. Best time is during morning or in evening. And eat the fruit from seed side.