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Friday, July 18, 2008


Beer drinking has been a part of me ever since I stepped into college decades back. That would be a little over 3 decades. Thirty years? More, to be exact 38 years ago. It's only now I realize it's almost 4 decades, hahaha. . . , well, well, what do you know? Never really thought much about it anyway.
I was going over some sites where I post articles when I came across a title "
Beer: How to get the most flavor from beer". Curiosity took me to read it. All the while, I thought it was how to brew beer at home. It says on the article that it is not completely true the you get the best flavor from beer by drinking it straight out from the bottle! That was what I was made to believe by some elders before! Maybe, it could be true for the number one beer in our country the Philippines, San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. The truth is, I really get to taste the flavor more drinking from dark brown beer bottle, cold but not almost freezing cold.
It was really interesting to read the article because the author is a beer connoisseur and has a web site dedicated to beer. He mentioned the different kinds of beers and the glasses to be used. It is unfortunate for us in our country not to have those brands or types of beer he mentioned. There might be some in specialty stores but they would definitely cost an arm and a limb. Quite sure, there are a lot of beer drinkers surfing the net and it would be nice to blog about that web site.

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  1. Thank you for the kind comments on the website,, Benny. I appreciate it. Although the selection may be limited in the Philippines, you can still learn about the world's myriad beer styles. I'd also encourage you to visit our social network for beer-lovers, The Aleuminati. There you will find a community of well over 200 fellow beer lovers to interact with - hope you enjoy!