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Friday, July 4, 2008

Cruelty to Animals

For quite some time, I have been asking why there are so many organizations that are against cruelty to animals. This is one “blog” I posted in one of the social networks I am with, and there were three who commented agreeing to my thoughts. The focus of these organizations is cruelty or abuse made by man on pets or wild animals. What about the cruelty of man who have domesticated animals, breed them, keep them confined then mass slaughter them for commercial purposes? Is that not more cruel?

Let’s take animals in the wild that would be hunted for food. They have a better chance of survival than those domesticated animals, propagated, then mass slaughtered for gain and profit. If these organizations against cruelty to animals are true to themselves, then they should consider this! Of course, there are people who are sadistic and find satisfaction in hurting or slaying animals, they should be the focus of these organizations.

By the way, a friend messaged me on the blog post I mentioned had this to say, and I quote, “So, what do you want to happen? Free all those domesticated animals that are being used for food?” Simply, I replied to him that he was not looking at the right direction. I asked him, would it not be better if these organizations against cruelty to animals refined their views? We have to accept that domesticated animals for human consumption have to be treated that way. There’s no better alternative with the present situation in this world. The organizations are also very critical of those who pit animals against each other in battle. 

I have been into cockfighting for a couple of years in the past and I have observed that these roosters will have easily dominated breeding in the wild. If they are left free ranged, they will do nothing but fight to their last breath! They are not being trained to fight. That is their nature, to fight! Maybe I would still be into cockfighting had it not been for the gambling side of it and unnecessary use of blades. The sport could be made into something like boxing. The use of gloves that could mark on the bodies of the protagonists will count as scores! Pitting of these roosters for one round could last, utmost, for three minutes. No real harm done as their fight can be controlled and not to the extent of their desire to maim, injure or slay their opponent. These breeds hardly “chicken-out” of a fight.

Well, before I go off topic, it is still my firm belief that organizations against cruelty to animals should define their parameters better. There were people who were sued or imprisoned without the real intention of being cruel or abusing an animal. There were many episodes in the TV Channel, Animal Planet where the people were not intentionally being cruel to or abused animals. There were those who simply did not have the means to provide sufficient care.

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