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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Problem with People

The problem with people is about wanting to live longer and control population. So what happened? They were quite successful to make life longer. However, they got worried when population explosion came. People around the world were reproducing faster than people were dying. Those alive want to live longer but did not want the world to be over populated. As they were living longer and could not be killed, except to wait for their time, they opted to control birthrate. Medicine has advanced that people are surviving from illness thus retaining a good percentage of the population. Those who could not afford to get proper treatment or protection are, unfortunately, the first ones to go.

If the trend will go on with science and technology able to make people live longer, the world might have a population with much older people. When that happens new births will be prevented more to make way for the old. Older people need attention and care. Will it happen in the future that the young just tend to the older people because there are more of them? If the younger people will have to attend to them, what will happen to production and commerce? The world is being made a safer place, that means there could be lesser deaths in the future. People could live as old as 100 years or more. So they are living longer, but will that be good for society? Young people contribute to society. With their youth comes good mental and physical health. That is what aged people will lose. This reminds me of my father saying about work when he got old, "the mind is willing but the body can not".

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