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Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Causes of Flooding

Real Causes of Flooding
Many of us has experienced flooding from heavy rainfall in one way or another. My article on this was a result of experience, keen observation, analysis and testing. What they teach and preach lack the correct details on what causes flooding. They blame it on deforestation and trash but the details are misleading. The article details the facts of flooding in cities. There is a simple way to test my contention in the article. It is very easy to do and not costly. Read the article on my post at HubPages to know the reality.

In most times, I try my best to avoid writing articles such as this. What I wrote here are simple observation and analysis. There might be some words that are not commonly used but still they are understandable. It is not even a phenomena what I am trying to impart here. It was a simple case of delaying the flow of water to give enough time for it to properly drain off, to prevent flooding. It is not even a case of engineering where you will need complicated formulas to solve it. Why? Because rainfall volume and length of downpour are not always the same.
The point in this post can more easily be illustrated with filling a pail from a faucet that has a small leak. If you open a faucet just dripping it will take time to fill the pail if ever it will be. Open the the faucet in full and it will fill up the pail in a short time and cause it to over flow.
There are people who read to be entertained and others to understand. Rarely both, I think. I know most of my posts here are more for entertaining rather than something like this that needs understanding. That is also the reason why I post lengthier articles at my HubPages.


  1. Actually most flooding just occurs because of large volumes of rain falling in a valley, and thgat water being unable to drain away fast enough. Humans are just stupid enough to build on flood plains or in low lying areas that would be effected.

    Not to mention that deforestation actually causes a decrease in rainfall.

    Ockhams Razor

  2. Thanks jab_au!
    What prompted me on this was because of a low lying city that did not used to be flooded before. But now after tall buildings have been constructed and with wide diversion highways, the city experienced flooding.