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Friday, August 1, 2008

Gmail Problems

Gmail Problems
After just a few years Gmail has become Goofmail. Probably Goofgle will will be an appropriate change of name. The problem of putting all my "email eggs in one basket" has paid its toll. It is with much regret that blogspot is a Google account which might just cut this blog one of these days like it did on accessing my gmail accounts.
No, not any of my accounts is involved in spam mail.
The pop-up "application/octet-stream" comes up whenever I try to access goofmail, oh sorry, gmail. could not be read or recognized by Windows. Please read the entirety of my article at HubPages, just click on the title above. Thank you.
After posting this and looking for further remedies to access my emails at gmail, suddenly I was able to access gmail and get into my emails. I don't even know if the google web accelerator that I downloaded helped. If ever it was the issue gmail should have informed all their users of gmail.

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