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Sunday, August 24, 2008

HubPages at Linkreferral

HubPages at Linkreferral

Linkreferral is a site where I get good quality traffic and hits for three of my sites. Out of curiosity, I searched to visit sites with the keyword "hubpages". There were a total of 30 HubPage URLs registered at linkreferral including mine. Most were profiles or a hub. It's only my hubpage there that is a referral or sign up URL link. Some though are no longer published. In visiting those hubpages, I practically read every one of them, commented on a couple and rated almost all. It was almost as convenient to be reading at linkreferral as it is at hubpages. The benefit for those hubs I visited there is getting hits and increased views.
What I do with my URL there is substitute the hub title for my articles that do not get much viewing here or from other links. With the exposure at linkreferral, the hubscores show increase in visits by almost two arrows, combined with the other links! I have not noted yet if it contributes to my earnings at Adsense.
Linkreferral is a site that provides good traffic to websites. I have been with them for almost 2 years now and has helped one of my sites to get pagerank 2. Well, now it does not have that rank anymore because I believe Google did some changes on pageranking. It is free to sign up and join that traffic site. In exchange for the reviews and traffic your website gets, you only need to visit 30 sites for at least 6 seconds per site. You can also make reviews on other sites but this will be for only 5 websites every 24 hours. You are not bound to make visits and reviews everyday. It is at your option should you want to have your website to always at the top 10 rankings under its category.

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