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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Increase in Prices

Increase in Prices
Complaining about price increases? Then, stop demanding for salary increases! The company you work for will need to increase prices to cover salary increases and benefits given to their employees. It comes to a point that salary increases can not be made proportional to price increase of commodities or services. Overall simple lifestyle for everybody can prevent price increases. It might be difficult to adapt to a much simpler lifestyle at first, but the results could benefit many after. Improvement, leisure and development are the culprits involved in price increases! The point redounds back to us, we want more - we ask for increase. The promotions and advertising of commodities or services creates demand. Price will increase when demand is high and supply is low, or, they make artificial shortage for bigger profits. Read more on this . . . please CLICK on the title. Thank you!

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