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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reckless driving: Who taught these people how to drive?

Reckless driving is not taught but an offshoot of how one operates a vehicle because of mental attitude or temperament. Those drivers would have not passed licensing tests and exams if they really drove that way.

In the more than 35 years personal experience of driving in all sorts of roads, traffic and terrain, I could have already encountered all types of drivers. We live in an Asian country that has been criticized for its drivers and traffic situation. We were once in the top 10 worst countries of drivers in a Reader's Digest issue. I believe that no one was taught to drive was told to be reckless. They have to pass driving tests and examinations, so how would they pass them if they were taught to drive recklessly? Reckless and careless drivers come out of their attitude and mentality. Also those short in temper come out to be reckless. It is only in our country where I know where there were some drivers who shoot fatally other drivers just because of parking or traffic issues.

In the remote mountainous areas where I used to drive at least once a month, when I was in my late twenties, drivers of all types of vehicles are very courteous. Many of the roads there could not accommodate two small cars side by side. So when a vehicle is going uphill, the driver going downhill looks for a wide space on the road and pauses there alongside the cliff until the vehicle going up passes him. That gives driving convenience on those kind of roads.  The city we live in is a "mixing bowl" of different people from different provinces and their influx has increased the number of discourteous and reckless drivers. Still, I would not concur that they were taught to drive that way. The demands of time and traffic have caused a good number of drivers to drive that way.

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