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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Site Reviewers

It is sad to find out that even on the internet there are racists bloggers or biased people who make reviews and could not shut their minds and fingers. This blog has been reviewed around 140 times. There were those who found some defects on my articles but they gave good advise and constructive criticism, and I appreciate them very much.
The other day, one review made on this blog surprised me. This was her review:

"Personal blog with no apparent focus. I would suggest narrowing the range of what is posted in order to engage the reader's attention. It's hard to make sense of some of the writing, perhaps because the blogger may not think primarily in English."

This is not a personal blog so what focus is she talking about? It is clearly stated on the traffic/review site, it is a blog with a variety of topics. Outright, the suggestion of narrowing the range of what is being posted was way out of line. Then makes a discriminatory comment about the blogger not thinking primarily in English, making it the reason why she could hardly make sense on some of the articles. That is the problem with some people who make reviews, comments or responses. They read but fail to understand. That is also one reason why I got out of because there were several responses made on my posts that were really way off and some even insulting.

Here's one review that's constructive:

"The site makes a GREAT effort - but falls a little short in the "interesting" category. Here are some tips: 1)Your sidebars are boring - look for ways to highlight the Category Names so they stand out. 2)Too much text, not enough graphics - it doesn't matter where you get them - just include more images. This is 2008 - people expect variety. It's the spice of life. 3)When you write you intro paragraphs and then ask people to 'click here' to read the rest of the story - you need to tell the best part of the story and then say "click here to see the rest". The way you have it as a summary is, again, too dull. Good website - you just need some SPICE. Search other blogs for things that look interesting to you and include them in your blog. Good Luck.."

Here's an appreciative one:

"Good universal information from the Philippines. The well-written blogs are very relevant to the site's title and I felt I gained a little more knowledge reading your site. Keep up the good work.."

You could get to the websites of the well-meaning reviewers by clicking on the links. Thanks.

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