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Monday, September 8, 2008

Online Shoppers' Wiki!

This would be a good one for online shoppers. It could be the largest shopping mall online! Being quite dependent on wiki sites online, I came across this shopwiki com. Curious, I went to the shopping directory right away to see what's in the site. Well, what do you know? A very organized page laid out in front of you! It's a virtual huge shopping mall online! The directory is a guide where to go to and find what you're looking for. I did some "window shopping" - well many of us do that in real malls! In window shopping, computer and software shops are my first choices to update myself on what's new. Better yet I wanted to see what's new with monitors because I am having some problems with my monitor right now. It is really amazing how organized and easy it was to navigate. From general category down to the specific page for monitors was exceptional. The page described all the types of monitors, the specifications, factors to consider, sizes, shapes and price ranges! That also goes with recommended brands and monitor manufacturers. Now I know more about monitors and why our a little over 1 year old monitor is defective.

There are also guides for gifts and categorized by occasions like holidays, recipients and even seasonal gift guides. Okay, so I had to look around again for things that would interest me. Arts and crafts seemed like a nice place to go window shopping online. There were 16 categories to choose from on that page. Rubber stamping caught my attention because I never thought it to be an art or a craft. Another is, I have always done trying to carve rubber stamps in the past but I never got contented with the results. might just help me on this and give better ideas. Lo and behold! It truly is an art and a craft! What I always had mind were rubber stamps used in business and offices. This is really something new for me and I hope to go back and learn more about it. It's so large for an online shopping mall that it would probably take takes to find out more of what's inside. Just like window shopping in large real life malls.

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