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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Online Games

The internet has done a lot with online games. It used to be games can be played only by one against the software or computer. Counter Strike became popular because players from different parts of the globe could interact in games, have a team or band together. There were a lot of kids, of course mostly boys, got "addicted" to it. Some were even skipping classes just to play the game online. Then Ragnarok online also became popular but I believe it was only in some countries.

Now, the GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one that really amazed me because two my sons play it online! They log in to the GTA Xtreme Role-Play (XRP). It's like being in a movie and doing things with buddies online. The graphics and controls of the game are just amazing! Add to that a more amazing capability that team mates could talk to each other online! They communicate to each other what they are doing, planning to do, warn a buddy and just about anything virtually!

I could not recall where I read about the benefits of playing online or computer war games and it says it develops some abilities of children. The benefit I saw in my sons are developing their conversational English and accent.

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