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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

"I'll be There" is one of my favorites coming from the Jacks0n 5 sung by Michael Jackson. It was really amazing for me to know that he was just an 8-year old kid singing for a band! All the while, before learning about Michael, I thought it was a female singing for the Jackson 5. I am not aware of anyone as young as he is to have sang, or is singing for a band, that has reached the same fame and gathered that much fortune.
He was a great singer and performer because most young boys would have a "voice-change" after puberty. For me, his voice did not change that much. His brand of songs would easily be recognized as his. It is unique in many ways. If I remember right, he organized the charity for "We are The World". That song is global and very touching.
Michael Jackson will be missed very much in the entertainment world even he was blamed or charged of some misdeeds.

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