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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plagiarized Again!

Not long ago I posted about one article that I own at Helium that was plagiarized. Helium recently requested that writers from non-primary English speaking countries stop from being members. That was in July 2009. It was, and is still, difficult to move more than 70 articles to another paying site. Maybe someone from Helium knew about it and spread the word. Around 20 of my articles were top ranking and earning. That would have triggered plagiarists to look for those top rated articles and publish them as their own because it would be taken out of Helium!

The plagiarizer is Cecil Savage and posted it at and says published in Car How To's, Safety under her Csavage pen name and indicated a date the same as my posted date of June 27 (no year)! My original post at Helium is June 27, 2008! She could not claim it to be hers because I have promoted it at, where the original date posted shows and also promoted my article at, unfortunately the date does not show. My pen name is the same and shows rbnstr08.

In my disgust, I searched for information about the website 'jupiterchevrolet' and found her information. As of this date, I have sent her already 2 emails requesting her to un-publish it. Still no response or action. I hope that someone who comes across this blog can advise me on how to report this plagiarism.

Please note that article would not show any longer when clicked because Helium has removed it from publication on their web site.

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