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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Problem is All in the Mind

We all have to accept there are inferior and superior minds.  If one can't accept yours is inferior or superior to some other minds then you really have a problem. 

Mind you, if you can't tolerate someone whose mind is inferior to yours, then you are the inferior one!  Why?  If you have a superior mind then you can understand those inferior  to yours.  But if you can't understand them and they understand you, then you as a whole person is the inferior one.

Realization on this will come about when you can't tolerate those inferior minds to yours.  You want them to think the way you think!  Remember, they are inferior and you can not force them to think the way you want them to!  It is the same manner for those who have a more superior mind than yours.  It becomes so difficult for you to accept what they want you to think, right?

So, it is all in the mind.  It is just like forcing a large sized person into clothes that are for medium or small sized people.  Think about it!  If you can't accept it then you're dumber than dumb!

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