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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Answers to some job Interview Questions

Q:  What motivates you to work?
A:  It's the work that motivates me.

Q:  Can you work under pressure?
A:  I am always under pressure when I work but I don't feel it.  I 
      can not work under undue pressure because that is where  
      mistakes and failures come from.

Q:  Are you a team player?
A:  Yes, as long as the team is established.  There's no team    
      when there is no bond existing among the the members.

Q:  How long do you intend to stay with us?
A:  As long as I see on my end that there is fair treatment and 
      the company recognizes and appreciates the work I do.

Q:  Are you willing to work on extended hours?
A:  With pay, yes. Voluntarily - not more than 15 minutes.

      Q:  Why?
      A:  With pay - who would not want extra money?  
             Voluntarily that's the most I can give as the company
             will deduct an hours pay if I am late for 15 minutes,
             even with a valid reason.  I can only give in return what 
             the company is willing to give - fair and square.

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