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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Connecting monitors and speakers to a desktop

Computers need devices to be connected to it to function the way we want. For internet it should be internet ready and needs to be connected to a modem of an ISP. The computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main hardware where software is installed to fully function. It is there where the monitor is connected but you have an option to also for the power source. You will need to know how to connect the computer to HDTV as  your PC or laptop monitor. Many are now opting to use HDTV because of its larger screen and compatibility with computers. It also gives the convenience of being able to watch TV shows on it. That is an option that a regular computer LCD monitor could not offer outright.

In connecting devices to a CPU, make sure that you have the correct cables matching the ports available. Some might require adapters. For regular connections the CPU could have the round ports, rhombic shaped ports and rectangular ports for monitors, printers, keyboards and mouse. On how to connect speakers to a laptop, it is still the usual small male plug to color matching female ports to the laptop. It will be the same for desktops. New model keyboards and mouse could now be plugged through USB ports instead of serial. USB ports and plugs have standard small rectangular shapes that always match. They are universal as what the “U” stands for and any peripheral device plugged to those ports should work properly. It is important that you take care in properly inserting the plugs to the ports. Do not force-plug if it will not go smoothly. Pins could easily break and wrong connections could create trouble for your computer.

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