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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A country very concerned with consumer protection

Third world countries are far behind first world countries that practically have the best facilities to produce high quality goods.  In the fields of science and electronics first world countries are way advanced.  One of the countries with one of the most advanced technologies the United Kingdom (UK).  The advanced technology they have for manufacturing is geared more for consumer satisfaction and protection in the UK.  This is the reason why they have the consumer advice bureaus. Not only in Belfast is this true but in several cities within the UK.  The good for the consumer is for the good of the country that tells good governance.  In many third world countries, manufacturing industries do business that corrupt government officials.  This is especially true when it comes to pharmaceutical products.  Many of their DFA could not control this.

Talking about Ireland, there is the north and south of it.  Naturally the north is part of the UK while Southern Ireland is independent.  Anyway, they should not be far from each other when it comes to consumer protection.  Ireland will have its own consumer advice bureau.  They would not want the UK having something for protection of consumers and they would not have one of their own.  It is practical even for neighboring countries where people could go to another that would offer benefits for their people.  This is one thing difficult with countries isolated from others.  The people who can afford it can go to a better country while those who can’t afford it just stay on.  The same goes true for third world countries surround by countries like them.  This seems to be the case in many South African third world countries.

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