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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shopping for LCD for my desktop computer

Replacing an electronic device gives me some problems when it comes to brand, price and length of service.  I have learned my lesson with a previous CRT monitor for my desktop that did not last more than 2 years.  The brand was in demand and the price was quite close to better known ones.  If CRT televisions last for 10 years or more, the same should be for PC CRT monitors!  The CRT monitor I currently use and soon to replace is a used one I bought from a friend for one-fourth the price of a new one.  So, I am also considering buying a used LCD for a lesser price compared to a brand new one which I might regret again.  At the same time I would like to know how to connect a laptop to HDTV in case I opt for an HDTV.  It is just really a matter of cost if it will not be a big difference, especially for used units.

The other reason I am considering HDTV is because we have a notebook that only has a 10 inch screen.  The question is how to connect our notebook to HDTV?  All the notebook has are USB ports and one regular port for a printer.  The technical people of computer dealers are not very reliable.  I have visited several of them regarding connection for my desktop and notebook so both would automatically share files.  It was just amazing that all of them have different advice and cables suggested to be used.  Gauging from how they gave instructions, they are not really familiar on processes between two computers. All they know is good only for one computer and transfer of files through USB, CD/DVD and uploading and downloading online.

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