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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Format converter for one type to another

Uploading and downloading photographs, music, video, movies and articles, to or from computers, would sometimes have problems.  Some computers do not allow some formats that are not in the system but could be converted to another with a format converter.  It is the same way when trying to upload a photo to a web site.  Many websites allow only one format and its either JPEG, GIF or PNG for pictures.  For profile photos it should only be a small sized one, if not, it will ask you to trim it. The same could be said for MS word.  There have been different versions since Windows 95.  I am not sure if all the MS Word from the first version could be converted to the latest.  There is a converter for MS Word 2007 format to MS Word 2003.

File Converter for movies, videos and music with different formats is also available.  There is software that can be downloaded to practically convert them to any format compatible to your computer.  The software however has system requirements.  Make sure that you have the appropriate system for the application to function properly.  Even with just one missing requirement the software application will not work. Also, there are software player downloads available online that can play almost all formats.  Most can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial then you have to purchase the complete software.  WINamp can play several formats of video, movies and music without the need of a file converter.  A few formats could not be played probably due to security or compatibility reasons.

For photos, you can convert them in different formats if the save system offers the options.  If not, you can always copy-paste the photo at “Paint” then save as the format you want or need.

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