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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Different listening delights to the sound of music

Music has been the longest time entertainment for people.  Being one of the oldest or the oldest form of entertainment would it have been invented, or, did it just come to people normally?  There are people who have the talent for it.  These modern times though, talent needs to be developed.  Would it have been the same in the ancient times when they were having music?  Watching movies about ancient times, it shows their music came from instruments. with some chants, maybe.  No movie showed people singing along with their music.  Probably music inventors only invented the notes, or put a name to the notes at the same time on how to write them.  If the people of ancient times did not have notes to read, how did they know what to play after each note to make it pleasing to the ears?  I like and play music but I only know how to read guitar notes and those written on the staff.

Countries have their own style of music and very distinctive.  Sometimes just hearing the music will let us know what country has that style of music.  After the country’s style of music, musicians developed their own style or genre of music.  Their music practically has their own characters.  For genre they are the likes of ballad, rock-n-roll, blues, classical, rap, pop and others.  There are also moods for music like happy, sentimental, love songs, birthday, wedding songs and even funeral songs.  Out of curiosity, are there songs celebrating or congratulatory for newborns?  If there is any, I have not heard of one yet.  Okay now song writers there, try to come up with some music for this.

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