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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First time buyers of used vehicle

This should help those who would, for first time buyers, own a used vehicle.  Especially for those who do not know anything about cars, first time to drive one, or, does not have any inclination to learn how a car works.
  • Don't buy a used car without anyone with you who is competent in checking used cars.
  • Don't be taken by the looks and additional accessories installed in the car.
  • During test drives don't be impressed on how smooth the car runs, it might be good only for test drives.
  • Make sure all gauges, lights and wipers work well, both when the engine is running and not on used vehicle.  Some of those should not work when ignition is off.
  • See that all tires have even wear and at least 75% tire life remaining.
  • If possible for first time buyers, test drive the car also with full passenger load, that is where weak suspension and noise would show, if any.
  • Lastly, if the car year model is 1994 and up, try to have On Board Diagnosis (OBD) be done.  It may be a little costly but worth saving the price you intend to pay for the car.
These are just basic tips for first time used vehicle owners.  I had to publish this because I pity a friend who trusted people, even mechanics at that, who took advantage of his ignorance as a first time buyer.  I am now the owner of that car and was able to correct the defects that it had.  We swapped cars with some cash he shelled out.  My car is 1994 his is 1989 of the same make and model.

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