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Friday, August 20, 2010

MP3s, iPods and other music devices

Our names even nicknames are music to our ears.  Next to that will be real music that pleases our ears.  What has been for us lately to play real music personally are CD/DVD, MP3, iPod and whatnot.  CD/DVDs are the only ones with recorded music that can be bought from music stores.  There is nothing that you can buy that go directly to other formats and play instantly.  For the music you like to get into those devices and play them, you will need software first to convert them in your computer then transfer the converted format.  For the new iPod model, it will be best to contact technical support for the touch versions on how to properly operate it.  It looks very similar to the older version that has button controls.  However, there could be different or additional functions that would be available on touch screen.  Support will definitely be of big help especially to those new to it.

The main problem in getting or downloading music to MP3 and iPod is the format.  When you buy CD/DVD and want it for MP3, it automatically converts it to the format once uploaded to the computer.  That would be a quick way to download it to an MP3 player through a USB port.  For iPods, it will have to go through a stage longer and require iTune software to do it.  Those who ask, ‘can I format my iPod’ will be actually a question of using another format other than MP3.  iPods are actually on MP3 format but needs to go through the iTune software for the music to download properly.  Music devices have their own security set-ups to provide the service.


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