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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trade Shows and Display Booths

Actual presence of products or services on display is advertising in its best form.  This is how they do it during trade shows where manufacturers or service outfits show their wares.Most of the time the booths are relatively small, often side-by-side in a row. Making them attractive to members of the trade show and its guests will appeal better with a motif related to their products.  Even the trade show flooring could be decorated by each booth owner, of course without causing damage to the venue's floor.  Trade show venues often have concrete or marble flooring.  Putting in trade show carpet on the display booth's flooring adds a little more glamor.

There are also logo mats available in different sizes and shapes that could be placed maybe just before the booth entry carpet. A company logo is always a pride of the people who work there. It gives identity to the booth. People also look where they go and step on, and seeing the logo on the floor tells them the booth owner.

Ceilings of display show booths are mostly open except for some 'rafters' to hold the walls. Booth joists are also in place for lighting fixtures.  Other booths put logo canopy to emphasize more on their location when seen from a distance.  Some venues of trade shows are ground floors of hotels that could be viewed from upper floors.  
To cost conscious trade show participants, carpets, mats and canopies might be added cost.  They should bear in mind that the accessories are not one-time-use items.  After the trade show it could be used in their respective offices. 

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