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Friday, August 6, 2010

Will your type of music tell something about you?

Like food and clothing, different people would have their own preference for music.  But would people having the same preference for music have the same thinking?  Let’s say lively music for people who love to go partying, will they necessarily have the same or similar thinking?  Mostly, they are lively people who go partying in groups and enjoy dancing to the tunes.  There are people also who love to listen to lively music but would not know how to dance!  They just savor the lively sound.  One thing we could make of the people who prefer lively music is that they are happy people.  It is the music that makes them feel alive and kicking!  They maybe like a little carefree, outgoing and sociable type of people.  In all probability most of them would be those who can easily get over rough times.

What about people who enjoy more than one type of music?  It seems that there are more people who have a varied preference for music.  Often said, music sets the mood of people.  If that would be the case, people with varied preference could change their mood by changing the music they are listening to?  That could be true of people who are not doing anything and just listening to music.  On a personal account, the type of music I listen to can easily change my mood when things around seem to go along.  There are times that I just prefer listening to just one type of genre, and that is how I arranged my play list at YouTube.

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