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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hire online with Online Contract

The past two weeks has been very frustrating to get an online contract to write articles.  The inadequacy of many online employers, those who hire online, is simply disgusting.  One that I applied for was specific to hire one from our country.  He chose me as the right candidate, after about 30 minutes chat on Skype.  The job was quite complicated because it will involve first a series of researches before writing articles.  But, the problem is the research is not even related to the articles!

After several exchanges of emails, with attachments, with him, he could not differentiate how to do the searches he wants to be done on the online contract!  On the last email he sent, attached was a screen shot of what he wanted.  It was actually simple.  All he had to differentiate it from was typing the word "intitle:" as against the other!  I declined the job because I did not want to work with someone who could not give instructions the right way.  Immediately after I declined the job, he sent an email that he wanted me specifically for the job and insisted on me taking it.  So, after thinking things over, I agreed to the hire online.  Anyway, who am I to refuse?

As a professional, I accepted the online contract and directed to me at the market place.  From then on, I waited for the task he was going to assign.  Usually, I cancel contracts not responded to, within a weeks time.  A week passed and still nothing from him.  On the 10th day, still no email or message from him.  So, I sent him a message, at the market place, that he wasted 100 hours of my time and asked him to cancel the contract.  For 10 miserable days I have allocated 10 hours each day just for that.  I hope that market places for hire online people will be stricter with employers who tie-up unpaid hours on an online contract.

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