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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yahoo answers to questions

When searching online, the results often show those coming from Yahoo answers especially if the search is in the form of a question.  I’ve been on and off at this Yahoo forum to give answers that I know would help. But looking over some answers to questions, some are just nonsense or with intentions to make fun of it.  It is obvious those people can’t do anything better or simply dumb!  Well-meaning people give sensible answers.  There are also those who are doubtful of their own answers!

There was a time I raised a question why some people are not stung or bitten by mosquitoes.  I raised the question at Yahoo answers because in our entire married life, my wife was never even bothered by mosquitoes.  To cut it short, only one made an answer and it was quite a dumb one.  The answer suggested that my wife could have been putting on an insect or mosquito repellant! Would I not know that? Some people who make answers to questions probably lack logic or common sense.

I waited for a month to get a sensible answer but there was none.  It came to my mind that there was really no one that goes to Yahoo Answers with good general knowledge.  My general knowledge is also not that good so I only put answers to those that I specialize in like cars, marketing and management.  Anyway going back to my question there was no any answer after the first.  I learned about the answer accidentally while watching a television documentary why some people are not stung by mosquitoes.  Many answers to questions can be learned watching television especially Discovery Channel.

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