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Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch movies online

People have their own reasons why they enjoy the movies they watch.  Romantics like to watch romance or sentimental movies.  There are a lot of people that watch movies online these days.  I love watching war movies, espionage and detective movies not because of the killings but the strategies they use to win.  It also gives a lesson on decision making.  The movies give an insight of what to consider in times of war. The matter of getting out alive and winning gives the excitement.

World War II movies have depicted war events that wars can be won by strategy.  It does not necessarily mean that might and power guarantees a win.  Germany did not succeed in conquering Britain that had only around 600 planes against their more than 2,000 planes!  You can watch movies online about this.  Japan was showing all its might in Asia but they were defenseless when the atomic bombs were dropped on them. Another good example is the Vietnam War.  With the all the might and power of the U.S. they were not able to defeat the North Vietnamese. 

On other war movies and true to life raids or rescues, those that Israel got into were won by strategy.  The raid at Entebbe is for real and I believe two movies were made about it.  It was a very good raid and rescue by Israel that there were no casualties on the rescued hostages.  There was only one casualty in the raiding team and the irony of it all, it was the leader of the raiding team.  I was able to watch movies online about it, I could not exactly recall how the officer perished.

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