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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impacts of Global Warming on Al Gore’s "The Inconvenient Truth"

The inconvenient truth message of former Vice-President Al Gore is about impacts of global warming.  The small increments in temperature say that it has a catastrophic significance to the world.  Having watched the video documentary it really seemed to have the said effects on the world as a whole.  The melting of the ice at the North Pole and increased levels of the oceans was quite pronounced.  The problem is with the huge slice of ice, acres of it, purportedly to be slipping into the ocean.  It was depicted that underneath it was water that slowly moves it into the ocean!  Wow!  That would be a great river, a lot larger than the Amazon River moving that entire  island of ice!  Now tell me, is that realistic or just plain imagination?

The impacts of global warming can attributed partially to having mined almost all the oil from earth. Oil makes continents and other moving parts of the world move with fluidity.  No friction – therefore no heat.  Volcanoes are erupting and earthquakes have become more violent because there is lack of oil within earth to lubricate their movement.  That is the reason why nature had its way of ‘producing’ oil from ancient animals and plants! Now with the excessive use of fossil fuel, the earth is experiencing abnormal warming!  The questions that should be posed right now are:  How warm or how cool do we want to the Earth to be?  On the other hand, how would nature or the Earth would want it to be?

Let us leave what needs to be done by nature itself.  There is no quick solution to this.  Yes, we think of our childrens' future.  The entire people of the world can not take care of it in the next 10 or 20 years!  Leave nature to do what is best!  It did the dinosaurs – without that we would not even be here.

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