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Friday, October 15, 2010

Computer package for Internet satisfaction

Hardware needed for internet satisfaction is a complete set of possibly the latest computer package.  The basic ones are CPU, monitor, wifi, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD reader, and an AVR.  Internet connection from a reliable internet service provider should provide good speed of at least 380 kbps.  The distance of the cable DSL should not be too far from the source.  Excessively long cables result to poor internet speed. Dial-up connections are not used much now because of the very slow speed.  Areas without DSL service but have telephone lines still use the dial-up connection. Wireless broadband internet connection will be alright for father distances but connection might not be consistent for internet satisfaction.  Many users on a cell site will have some connection problems from time to time. I still have to see cell sites that would have dedicated signal for internet users.

Software is a program needed to operate a good computer package the same way it is needed for the internet. For software operating systems, internet browsers used depends on compatibility.  There should be ideal compatibility with the operating system and internet browsers.  A user friendly internet browser makes navigation easy.  There are systems that do not allow PDF (Portable Document Format).  The PDF was started by Adobe to help compress content to be downloaded.  Adobe online is free to install and comes with other features like Flash Player needed in viewing in many web sites.  Internet browsers, operating systems and PDF are software that need to be installed.  Other software needed for internet satisfaction are anti-virus and anti-spyware.  These software protect the computer from computer virus and spyware.  That completes the equipment you need for the internet.

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