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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips on sudden changes of a good wife

Men are frequently blamed for things they do "outside" their marital relations.  The tips with sudden changes of a good wife from normal or regular relations can mean many things.  Actually they, the wives, contribute or actually are the real cause why husbands look for 'someone' else.  A high percentage of women, not only separated wives, engage in 'cheap talk'.  They think they are psychiatrists or psychologists and are quite quick in concluding a wrong of whatever they see - worst is what they hear about!  There are many things to consider and think deeply about before making conclusions.  A high percentage of married women do not have analytical minds and simply base things on what their emotions say or what their classmates, friends and associates agree on.

Tips on the sudden changes of a good wife that will be mentioned here is a close observation on how they act before and now.  It is normal for them to make themselves beautiful in special occasions.  Of course, we have to discount celebrities and the rich and famous women here. They might need to be so on a daily basis.  But, what about those living a regular life?  It will seem strange that a wife will be 'dressed-to-kill' that frequently or maybe even, say, every week!  If and when that happens, and, husbands notice a 'change' in acts or regular relation matters, then there is something wrong that the wife is doing or engaging in!

Husband and wife are aware of their normal or regular activity when in bed.  This alone will give hints with the sudden changes of a good wife.  Some women know how to camouflage when it comes to 'bedtime activities'.  But there are also those so dumb and stupid that they just act what they feel, or, follow what their classmates, friends and associates tell them!  Women with failed relationships but successful in their careers are often the 'snake in the garden of Eden'.  Their poor classmates, friends and associates look up to them for their success but disregard their failure to be a good wife.  No wonder the creator really wanted males to be stronger than females - and I would say that would be both mentally and physically.

Note:  Here's hoping that I could add the other tips on my next blogs.  It almost a novel!  Keep posted here or my other blogs or websites.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playing Casino Online

For many of us who devote much time online, there are websites that get our attention.  The reason could be that it is one of our interests, an odd item or maybe simply for entertainment and amusement.  When it comes to playing games, adults often try to find those they feel that are appropriate for them.  Playing for money on online casino games offers much entertainment to those who like gambling.  Games like poker, slot machine and blackjack give instant gratification especially when you feel luck is on your side.

Playing casino online relieves stress and anxiety from the daily routine of people.  There is some change in the pace of people’s lives when the opportunity for relaxation is there.  A good number of websites have several casino online games that are played by members they are comfortable or feel lucky with.  The games take their minds off what troubles them when playing.  Computer requirements though should be on the high end, like connection speed, video card and memory capability.  One could not completely enjoy playing games online with slow computers.

The casino games online provides good amusement and offers good control for players on their wagers.  For those who enjoy playing online casino, a good website I came across shows the top websites to choose from.  Tips are provided on how to choose the right website to play on.  There are sufficient guidelines on how to register with the operators.  We should accept the fact that online casinos operate for profit.  One thing nice about them is that there is fairness in the games and reputable ones have good win to loss ratios.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sebastian Vettel - F1 New Champion

The Formula 1 GP (F1) 2010 season could be considered to be the most competitive.  Why?  Until the last few races it was a toss up among Mark Webber (224 points), Fernando Alonzo (221 points), Sebastian Vettel (206 points) and Lewis Hamilton (203 points),  in that order before the race at Inter Lagos, Brazil.  The points scoring system starting for the top ten:  25; 18; 15; 12; 10; 8; 6; 4; 2; and 1.  Mathematically, everyone of them had the chance to become World Champion especially if others in the race would not score.

It was difficult to imagine Sebastian Vettel F1 2010 champion, winning the driver's F1 championship because of his misfortunes at the start of the season, including his short tiff with Webber.  (This could be more with Vettel's alleged disobedience on team orders in Brazil).  On another hand, it seemed that Fernando Alonzo (F1 champion) was inching his way up after his top podium finish in Singapore, then, followed by a third finish in Japan, then another first in Korea where both Red Bulls failed to finish.  It looked like Alonzo had it in the bag as they say with just two races to go.  Alonzo was still in the thick of the fight, actually a favorite, after finishing third in Inter Lagos.

The final and last race of the season was a telling one for Alonzo with Sebastian Vettel taking advantage of the RBR-Renault power and handling.  The Renault-powered Red Bulls were obviously the team to reckon with in the F1 2010 season.  They dominated most of the qualifying sessions with a lot of show.  Strategy is a key factor in winning races and if ever Vettel disobeyed team orders, that was his strategy.  Actually he would even be right in doing so.  How would you call a team to be "a team" when they make orders in favor of  just one?  There's no team in "I", "me", "he" or "him".

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel F1 champion!!!  That's showing them how!  Leave the question for the team asking the question "why?" and they will have to look at the mirror and see if they can look straight in their own eyes!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Writing online

Before the coming of the internet, published writing is done only through newspapers, magazines, books and other paper material.  It was really a difficult to get a job of being a columnist or reporter unless you really have the skills to show for it.  Being good at the job can be rewarding both in career and making money.  Most financial rewards come from people or companies who would want them to be mentioned in articles and news items.  It is a way for them to get exposure financial rewards for mention in news items, money  writing online, work writing online and gain fame.  In all consideration it is difficult to make it as a successful columnist, reporter or writer.

Writing online has given aspiring writers and those who are interested to learn to hone their skills.  Computers simplified the task of correcting errors and transposing words, phrases and sentences.  With the internet and computer, it has opened a gateway for those who want to publish their work writing online.  In most cases it is not required to apply for a job at all.  The best example is this blog where items, articles, videos and photos can be posted.  It takes a little while to learn with some maneuvering, trial and error to get good results.

The important thing with writing online is to have your own personal computer or laptop.  Have a reliable connection internet service consistent in speed, ideally 512kbps or higher.   Good knowledge of the language you intend to write with.  Typing skills and speed will only be necessary if you are in contract and have deadlines to meet.  Take note that those who hire, or employers online, could be doing the same thing to make money!  Often they hire people who are good to get the articles posted on a daily basis.  Most of them make  money online that they can afford to hire writers.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gravity and Light - a personal view

For many years now, I could not believe in gravity as much as light from the sun. If gravity is for real, why are the oceans, seas and big lakes form a dome or an arc? Water is supposed to seek its own level but an arc or dome is not a is not a level or flat as we are supposed to perceive!

Newton said it was due to gravity why the apple fell from the tree. Gee, the apple probably was ripe and due for harvest. That's the reason it fell because it could no longer sustain the atmospheric pressure compared to when it was still raw!

Remember that while you go higher into the atmosphere or higher from sea level your weight goes down. It is because there is less atmospheric pressure pressing you down on earth! When you go into outer space you are weightless, right? Why? There is no atmosphere or air pressure in the same way things are weightless in a vacuum!

Atmosphere is also related to having light from the sun or sunshine. We only have light as the other planets and satellites because they have some atmosphere! Have you ever wondered why it is dark at night when the sun is supposed shine on our entire planetary system? Light or sunshine only goes through when there is 'atmosphere'.

The speed of light will be correct when there is atmosphere. It goes a lot faster invisible and immeasurable to us in vacuum or when there is no atmosphere. This is the point where I contest existence of gravity and the alleged speed of light.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Living our Life as it should be

People of the world are now just trying to survive hardly living our life.  Except for the very few rich people, most are no longer living their life as it should be.  Commercialization of the globe is to blame for this.  Companies have gone to 24/7/365 in their operations and graveyard shift was inevitable.  To be able to cope with it, they have three (3) shifts of employees for 24 hours, several sets of the employees work on different days of the week to meet the limit the 40 hours per week limit.  For those employees, that is no longer living - they are simply trying to survive.

Employees of 24/7/365 operations would hardly have any opportunity with their co-employees to have a day-off to enjoy or bond altogether for a single day in a year.  Having worked with two companies on graveyard shift did matter especially when getting together in rare occasions with friends and relatives.  Simply, we need life as it should be - living our life.  Work or family has to be sacrificed but I never sacrificed family for work.  The saying "work should revolve around your life and not for life to revolve around your work" should always be the practice.

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