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Monday, November 1, 2010

Living our Life as it should be

People of the world are now just trying to survive hardly living our life.  Except for the very few rich people, most are no longer living their life as it should be.  Commercialization of the globe is to blame for this.  Companies have gone to 24/7/365 in their operations and graveyard shift was inevitable.  To be able to cope with it, they have three (3) shifts of employees for 24 hours, several sets of the employees work on different days of the week to meet the limit the 40 hours per week limit.  For those employees, that is no longer living - they are simply trying to survive.

Employees of 24/7/365 operations would hardly have any opportunity with their co-employees to have a day-off to enjoy or bond altogether for a single day in a year.  Having worked with two companies on graveyard shift did matter especially when getting together in rare occasions with friends and relatives.  Simply, we need life as it should be - living our life.  Work or family has to be sacrificed but I never sacrificed family for work.  The saying "work should revolve around your life and not for life to revolve around your work" should always be the practice.

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