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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips on sudden changes of a good wife

Men are frequently blamed for things they do "outside" their marital relations.  The tips with sudden changes of a good wife from normal or regular relations can mean many things.  Actually they, the wives, contribute or actually are the real cause why husbands look for 'someone' else.  A high percentage of women, not only separated wives, engage in 'cheap talk'.  They think they are psychiatrists or psychologists and are quite quick in concluding a wrong of whatever they see - worst is what they hear about!  There are many things to consider and think deeply about before making conclusions.  A high percentage of married women do not have analytical minds and simply base things on what their emotions say or what their classmates, friends and associates agree on.

Tips on the sudden changes of a good wife that will be mentioned here is a close observation on how they act before and now.  It is normal for them to make themselves beautiful in special occasions.  Of course, we have to discount celebrities and the rich and famous women here. They might need to be so on a daily basis.  But, what about those living a regular life?  It will seem strange that a wife will be 'dressed-to-kill' that frequently or maybe even, say, every week!  If and when that happens, and, husbands notice a 'change' in acts or regular relation matters, then there is something wrong that the wife is doing or engaging in!

Husband and wife are aware of their normal or regular activity when in bed.  This alone will give hints with the sudden changes of a good wife.  Some women know how to camouflage when it comes to 'bedtime activities'.  But there are also those so dumb and stupid that they just act what they feel, or, follow what their classmates, friends and associates tell them!  Women with failed relationships but successful in their careers are often the 'snake in the garden of Eden'.  Their poor classmates, friends and associates look up to them for their success but disregard their failure to be a good wife.  No wonder the creator really wanted males to be stronger than females - and I would say that would be both mentally and physically.

Note:  Here's hoping that I could add the other tips on my next blogs.  It almost a novel!  Keep posted here or my other blogs or websites.

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