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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sebastian Vettel - F1 New Champion

The Formula 1 GP (F1) 2010 season could be considered to be the most competitive.  Why?  Until the last few races it was a toss up among Mark Webber (224 points), Fernando Alonzo (221 points), Sebastian Vettel (206 points) and Lewis Hamilton (203 points),  in that order before the race at Inter Lagos, Brazil.  The points scoring system starting for the top ten:  25; 18; 15; 12; 10; 8; 6; 4; 2; and 1.  Mathematically, everyone of them had the chance to become World Champion especially if others in the race would not score.

It was difficult to imagine Sebastian Vettel F1 2010 champion, winning the driver's F1 championship because of his misfortunes at the start of the season, including his short tiff with Webber.  (This could be more with Vettel's alleged disobedience on team orders in Brazil).  On another hand, it seemed that Fernando Alonzo (F1 champion) was inching his way up after his top podium finish in Singapore, then, followed by a third finish in Japan, then another first in Korea where both Red Bulls failed to finish.  It looked like Alonzo had it in the bag as they say with just two races to go.  Alonzo was still in the thick of the fight, actually a favorite, after finishing third in Inter Lagos.

The final and last race of the season was a telling one for Alonzo with Sebastian Vettel taking advantage of the RBR-Renault power and handling.  The Renault-powered Red Bulls were obviously the team to reckon with in the F1 2010 season.  They dominated most of the qualifying sessions with a lot of show.  Strategy is a key factor in winning races and if ever Vettel disobeyed team orders, that was his strategy.  Actually he would even be right in doing so.  How would you call a team to be "a team" when they make orders in favor of  just one?  There's no team in "I", "me", "he" or "him".

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel F1 champion!!!  That's showing them how!  Leave the question for the team asking the question "why?" and they will have to look at the mirror and see if they can look straight in their own eyes!

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