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Friday, November 5, 2010

Writing online

Before the coming of the internet, published writing is done only through newspapers, magazines, books and other paper material.  It was really a difficult to get a job of being a columnist or reporter unless you really have the skills to show for it.  Being good at the job can be rewarding both in career and making money.  Most financial rewards come from people or companies who would want them to be mentioned in articles and news items.  It is a way for them to get exposure financial rewards for mention in news items, money  writing online, work writing online and gain fame.  In all consideration it is difficult to make it as a successful columnist, reporter or writer.

Writing online has given aspiring writers and those who are interested to learn to hone their skills.  Computers simplified the task of correcting errors and transposing words, phrases and sentences.  With the internet and computer, it has opened a gateway for those who want to publish their work writing online.  In most cases it is not required to apply for a job at all.  The best example is this blog where items, articles, videos and photos can be posted.  It takes a little while to learn with some maneuvering, trial and error to get good results.

The important thing with writing online is to have your own personal computer or laptop.  Have a reliable connection internet service consistent in speed, ideally 512kbps or higher.   Good knowledge of the language you intend to write with.  Typing skills and speed will only be necessary if you are in contract and have deadlines to meet.  Take note that those who hire, or employers online, could be doing the same thing to make money!  Often they hire people who are good to get the articles posted on a daily basis.  Most of them make  money online that they can afford to hire writers.

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