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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diet is Self-discipline - I've Done it!

The problem of eating too much too often is a common cause of obesity.  Personally, to resolve this on my end (though I was not obese or overweight) - I wanted to reduce the capacity of my stomach to be full with a small meal.  Diet is self discipline and I've done it,  ever since I started to work at home online for almost a year now. I would be moving around and exercising less and this meant I could afford to eat less because I need less energy.  Word of precaution to those with history of ulcer, or frequently experiencing gastritis, take soda crackers so as not aggravate or trigger the condition.

It was just a matter of practicing it by indulging myself more working at home online.  At first it was difficult because I was at home and had easy access to food and drinks anytime.  It became successful when I disciplined myself to take food 30 minutes or more after the supposed mealtime.  Some people could even have some loss of appetite this way.  I had a one-liter water bottle at my side always and helped me feel full.  Without realizing it, two months passed and I was already eating a lot less than my regular full meal.  In between, say after every two or more hours, I'll have some peanuts or soda crackers, or both.  Peanuts, as I experienced, take longer to digest and staves-off hunger.  Just chewing them enough for me to swallow.

On the third month I had difficulty finishing off a regular burger with french fries and soda.  It has been that way since then and there were even times, like in the past 10 days, that I hardly had the appetite to have a full meal.  This Christmas season made me realize that my stomach could no longer take heavy meals.  I had to wait for two (2) hours before eating a little again!  Self-discipline diet works even if you don't put your mind to it.  It is just a matter of delaying and delaying your craving for food until your stomach gets used to it.

Currently, I no longer have the one-liter bottle of water beside me to sate my thirst or hunger.  I now have time to make a cup of coffee, tea or juice because my stomach can take it.  Diet is self-discipline that can work wonders for those who want to lose weight.  Make it a career to go for the reduced weight that you want!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horoscope or zodiac sign - Does it affect you?

When we don’t feel good or when things are not working out right, some of us have the tendency to look up what our daily horoscope says.  Personally, most of the time the horoscope matches what is actually happening to me on that day.  I don’t just rely on the horoscope but I also check on my bio-rhythm.  It tells more on your physical, emotional and mental conditions.  Bio-rhythm is more related to human nature than astrology. At times that I don’t feel well but not really sick, the physical aspect of my bio-rhythm shows it.  Often it is below the normal level of physical condition.  Horoscopes hardly tell on the health or physical condition. It deals mostly on what could happen and what the stars say.

The Chinese horoscope is similar to the regular zodiac horoscope.  It is difficult to understand why they would be different from each other but if you read the horoscope for your regular and Chinese zodiac sign, they practically say the same thing! Under your Chinese zodiac sign, it only comes every twelve years.  For each sign there are four elements fire, water, wood and metal.  If we will consider for the element to come up with your Chinese zodiac sign then that means it will come only after forty-eight (48) years!  So for those who do not live until 48 years old, they’ll never know what their zodiac sign and element brings to them.  Maybe it will be reasonable to believe more on the regular zodiac horoscope as it comes on a monthly basis every year!  People will be able to know on a yearly basis what astrologers would see in their signs.  Unlike with the Chinese zodiac, you will have to wait every 12 years to find out what your sign has for you on that or those years.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twitter & FaceBook - Glitches or something else?

First, it was Twitter that went bonkers.  It made all tweet posts of someone I was following become my posts!  It would have been alright with me but the guy has so many articles posted and had some controversial items.  Because of that, someone who felt slighted made a comment that they are a peaceful religion - and that was addressed to me!

Second, the FaceBook system three days ago, informed me that I had no permission to do a comment!  I was not blocked by my friend or anything, and his setting allowed for comments.  It took us a couple of message exchanges to learn from him that he replaced the status I was to comment on.  The old system of Facebook would say the post no longer exists instead of "no permission".

Third, I was typing on my profile my Facebook status but the system was allowing only one line!  To my surprise when I started to type the same status at the "Homepage", it allowed me to post what I wanted.  At this point, I am not sure if people running Facebook are doing their job.  For three days I have set my privacy settings to "Only me", in my disgust.  I would not have come back to FB had not been for the traffic exposure my works get from it.

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