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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diet is Self-discipline - I've Done it!

The problem of eating too much too often is a common cause of obesity.  Personally, to resolve this on my end (though I was not obese or overweight) - I wanted to reduce the capacity of my stomach to be full with a small meal.  Diet is self discipline and I've done it,  ever since I started to work at home online for almost a year now. I would be moving around and exercising less and this meant I could afford to eat less because I need less energy.  Word of precaution to those with history of ulcer, or frequently experiencing gastritis, take soda crackers so as not aggravate or trigger the condition.

It was just a matter of practicing it by indulging myself more working at home online.  At first it was difficult because I was at home and had easy access to food and drinks anytime.  It became successful when I disciplined myself to take food 30 minutes or more after the supposed mealtime.  Some people could even have some loss of appetite this way.  I had a one-liter water bottle at my side always and helped me feel full.  Without realizing it, two months passed and I was already eating a lot less than my regular full meal.  In between, say after every two or more hours, I'll have some peanuts or soda crackers, or both.  Peanuts, as I experienced, take longer to digest and staves-off hunger.  Just chewing them enough for me to swallow.

On the third month I had difficulty finishing off a regular burger with french fries and soda.  It has been that way since then and there were even times, like in the past 10 days, that I hardly had the appetite to have a full meal.  This Christmas season made me realize that my stomach could no longer take heavy meals.  I had to wait for two (2) hours before eating a little again!  Self-discipline diet works even if you don't put your mind to it.  It is just a matter of delaying and delaying your craving for food until your stomach gets used to it.

Currently, I no longer have the one-liter bottle of water beside me to sate my thirst or hunger.  I now have time to make a cup of coffee, tea or juice because my stomach can take it.  Diet is self-discipline that can work wonders for those who want to lose weight.  Make it a career to go for the reduced weight that you want!

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