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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horoscope or zodiac sign - Does it affect you?

When we don’t feel good or when things are not working out right, some of us have the tendency to look up what our daily horoscope says.  Personally, most of the time the horoscope matches what is actually happening to me on that day.  I don’t just rely on the horoscope but I also check on my bio-rhythm.  It tells more on your physical, emotional and mental conditions.  Bio-rhythm is more related to human nature than astrology. At times that I don’t feel well but not really sick, the physical aspect of my bio-rhythm shows it.  Often it is below the normal level of physical condition.  Horoscopes hardly tell on the health or physical condition. It deals mostly on what could happen and what the stars say.

The Chinese horoscope is similar to the regular zodiac horoscope.  It is difficult to understand why they would be different from each other but if you read the horoscope for your regular and Chinese zodiac sign, they practically say the same thing! Under your Chinese zodiac sign, it only comes every twelve years.  For each sign there are four elements fire, water, wood and metal.  If we will consider for the element to come up with your Chinese zodiac sign then that means it will come only after forty-eight (48) years!  So for those who do not live until 48 years old, they’ll never know what their zodiac sign and element brings to them.  Maybe it will be reasonable to believe more on the regular zodiac horoscope as it comes on a monthly basis every year!  People will be able to know on a yearly basis what astrologers would see in their signs.  Unlike with the Chinese zodiac, you will have to wait every 12 years to find out what your sign has for you on that or those years.
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