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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twitter & FaceBook - Glitches or something else?

First, it was Twitter that went bonkers.  It made all tweet posts of someone I was following become my posts!  It would have been alright with me but the guy has so many articles posted and had some controversial items.  Because of that, someone who felt slighted made a comment that they are a peaceful religion - and that was addressed to me!

Second, the FaceBook system three days ago, informed me that I had no permission to do a comment!  I was not blocked by my friend or anything, and his setting allowed for comments.  It took us a couple of message exchanges to learn from him that he replaced the status I was to comment on.  The old system of Facebook would say the post no longer exists instead of "no permission".

Third, I was typing on my profile my Facebook status but the system was allowing only one line!  To my surprise when I started to type the same status at the "Homepage", it allowed me to post what I wanted.  At this point, I am not sure if people running Facebook are doing their job.  For three days I have set my privacy settings to "Only me", in my disgust.  I would not have come back to FB had not been for the traffic exposure my works get from it.

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