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Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercise and Dieting

With reference to my prior blog post on "Dieting is self-discipline", please note that I have done it because I knew I need less energy doing online work at home.  Also I have not taken to my regular exercise and that would be with dumbbell weights during my dieting period.  

After the holidays I decided to do regular dumbbell work again after increased food intake during those days.  Besides, I need to improve my upper body strength again to move around and drive with ease.  With driving, I notice that I need upper body exercise whenever I feel difficulty turning my torso around when backing up.

For this, additional food intake will be more on protein, carbohydrates and calcium.  In addition, I will be supplementing it with vitamins and minerals that would help in developing some muscles with the exercise.  Walking briskly is an exercise supplement I do to even up any extra upper body exercise I do.

I should feel better and comfortable in the next two weeks if I would be able to keep up with this. LOL!

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