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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ID Theft problems?

You and some of your friends would have experienced your email address being hacked and sending emails that you did not actually send.  The identity theft online could have been made at the website of that practically has information about your name, email address, phone, username and friends.  This is very alarming because for $2.95 just about anyone can access details about your personal information!

Several friends with Yahoo email address, including mine, have been hacked and has been sending messages, probably thousands.  Of course, if the email address is familiar you will tend to open and read the message only to find out your friend did not send it!  Those that I have received had only short or tiny URLs.  Tracking it shows to have come from somewhere in Canada!  I have not bothered clicking on those tiny URLs because it could be a virus.  I know my friends will not be sending anything like that.

A relative posted this on FaceBook where I learned about it: 

"A site called is a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB/web/ur credit score/home value/income/ age. Remove yourself by searching your name/copy the URL of your page/then go to the bottom right corner of the page; click on the Privacy button to remove yourself. Copy and re-post so your friends are aware. No joke. I really found my personal info."

The problem here is the Internet has no governing body that could immediately put a stop to this website.  The sources of is practically from all web sites where your name, email address, phone, username and friends show!  This is grossly unethical and inappropriate for those websites to have subscribed to this system!

This would be a good call to all those who read this and join the protest against spokeo's scheming with risks on personal information theft!  All positive comments on this is highly appreciated.  Please spread the word on this.

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